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Have a protected PDF file with password protection that is no longer needed? With this F-PDF tool, unlocking your file is as easy as removing the password.

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We use the best encryption methods to protect your data. All documents are automatically deleted from our servers after 60 minutes. If you prefer, you can delete your file manually right after processing by clicking the bin icon.


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Remove Password Protection and Access Restrictions from PDFs

How to unlock PDF files

  1. Drag and drop PDFs into the uploader box from your computer to start removing the password and unlocking the PDF.
  2. If the uploaded document is protected with an opening password (the lock icon will be shown), click on it and enter the password.
  3. An owner password (permissions password) is not required to unlock PDF documents.
  4. Click on Start button

How does PDF unlock work?

All you need is the PDF that you want to unlock and, of course, its password. The PDF can only be unlocked if you know the Open Password.

Some PDFs are only set an owner (permission) password, which restricts access to editing functions, but allows you to open the document for viewing without a password. Such documents can be unlocked without entering Open or Owner passwords.

Online PDF Unlock Service

F-PDF is an online service. This means, you can unlock PDF files and remove password protection not only from your home computer, but from everywhere.

No matter if you are using a tablet, your phone, or a friend's computer, unlock PDF password protection is always available – as long as you have a stable internet connection.