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Combine PDF files or any scanned images in any order into a one PDF file.

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Merge PDFs or scanned images into one PDF file

It’s quick and easy to merge PDF files into a single document with the F-PDF online tool. Just add your files, merge them, and you’re done.

How to merge PDF files

  1. Drag and drop PDFs and/or images into the uploader box.
  2. If the uploaded PDF is protected with an opening password (the lock icon will be shown), click on it and enter the password.
  3. Reorder the files if needed.
  4. Click on Start button.

In what order will my merged PDF files appear?

Once you add the files you’d like to merge, you can reorder them into your preferred order. The left file in your list will appear first in the merged PDF.

How many pages can I include in a merged PDF?

65 thousand for everything! The number of pages in each file should not exceed 65K. The number of pages in the resulting file should also not exceed 65K.