true PDF flattening

Мerge previously separated contents such as filling forms, annotations, multiple layers of text and images of your document into «native» single layer.

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Flatten PDFs Online

How to flatten PDFs

  1. Drag and drop PDFs into the uploader box from your computer.
  2. If the uploaded document is protected with an opening password (the lock icon will be shown), click on it and enter the password.
  3. No additional settings are required for this F-PDF tool.
  4. Click on Start button

What is «flattening PDF files»?

Flattening is a process that locks in the information you entered into PDF form’s fields. Flattening a PDF also removes any layers or additional elements of your document, such as drop-down lists, checkboxes, radiobuttons, etc. So essentially, you’re turning an interactive, multi-layered PDF document into a “flat” one, hence the expression.

Why is the tool called «True PDF Flattening»?

Let's see - «Flattening is a process that locks in the information» - Most of similar tools have a trick at this point. They just create a so-called image-only (scanned) PDF. That is, a page's render is created and then inserted in place of the page content. This method has a number of disadvantages, such as the inability to select, copy and search for text. In addition, when scaling such a document, quality is lost, since the content is no longer vector, but a raster image.

The F-PDF True PDF Flattening tool is free of all these shortcomings.